Today’s Lady 02

I especially like the phrases, We use the past to learn from mistakes, not to live in it.

And even if our wives are the bread winner, we use our own strengths to help her–not to hate on her or play on her.

I have a friend who has been married a long time and he actually does the things u say men shouldn’t do. For instance, sometime back he got involved in things that weren’t healthy for them or the two children living with them. Despite my friends trying to talk to her husband, then begging, & crying, when that didn’t work…but still he continued and rather than lose her husband, she did as he did, bcuz as u say “a virtuous woman” just does things like that. All along knowing she was unhappy, he continued, even tho she continued to tell him what they were doing was hurting her, hurting them. Unfortunately, things got crazy and he had to leave for a time. When I would talk to her, she was so depressed, she sat in their room and cried. The children in the home were scared, they didn’t understand so the stayed away and lost all respect for these adults. My friend said she was just tired of it all and didn’t think she could continue. She wasn’t healthy at this point physically or mentally, her spirit was broken, she felt like her world had ended and she called on a friend. She couldn’t stand being alone with her own thots, sitting in one room full of darkness. Nobody checking in on her,she wasn’t eating or sleeping well. She was really a wreck. Her friend came over, started feeding her, talking to her, being kind & saying kind things. She needed this and she was vulnerable. Things naturally got out of hand and one night something happened that shouldn’t have. When her husband came home, she felt so ashamed of her weakness that she said she would never tell him. She was ashamed and didn’t want him to know she’d been weak. However, he found out and ever since then he’s treated her just as she’d thot he would and was the reason she didn’t want to tell him. He has berated her, talked down to her, lied to her over & over, continuing to do the same thing that brought them destruction in the first place. He definitely is living in the past. So moving forward, they stayed together, she started making money and the more she made the harder he worked to bring her down. He was out for revenge. There was no way he was ever going to let them be happy. They are still together and it just keeps getting worse. He’s still doing the very thing that started this and she’s with him bcuz if not her, somebody else and she’s his wife but she’s dying inside and he doesn’t seem to care.
What advice could u give to my friend? U might asked has she apologized…no she hasn’t, bcuz he continuously punishes her with words, actions, and even physical pain. He wants to punish her more…he doesn’t work, altho he brings in money, he also spends it. She pays for 80% or more of their bills. He comes n goes as he pleases pretty much, but she NOT ALLOWED to do the same.
What could or would u say to my friend? Do u think from what I’ve told u that he’s a worthy husband? He’s deflated her self esteem rather than boost it like a husband who wants to be revered as a king,should do. Should she continued to follow this man to her death or let it go and hope she can survive in the condition she’s in. I’m actually scared for her. She feels worthless and I’m worried she may harm herself, if she’s alone, sitting in a room by herself again. Her family doesn’t care, she chose him they tell her and they don’t want to get involved, as it never turns out good. What advice would u give her beliel, plz tell us. There may be others in her situation who need advice….

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Virtuous Wife of the new world:

Proverbs 31 explained and expanded

For those that sacrificed a bit of the me to my last post, concerning “Today’s Lady”, I want to thank you for reading–even if you found that it didn’t fit your own life experiences, at all. I truly appreciate it, and glad that you came back to check out this new skit …also based on the woman of modern society.

Now this one is very special to me, because I practically shaped my entire views on “marriage” and long term relationship by it’s definition. Now I think most (if not all) men and women know of, or have read, the 31st proverb. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe that it’s in every Bible (Catholic or otherwise). It talks about the kind of woman that Kings believe to be ideal for an upright–or righteous–husband. That is, by the standards…

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