A Man with No Bed

I saw a man today
Holding a sign that read,
“Down on my luck, please help”
I started to think as I drove on by;
How that must feel and I started to cry.
To be homeless, with nowhere to go;
Nobody knows your name,  
You’re just any ol’ Joe
What that must do to the soul of a man,
Who once was a somebody,
Had a life and a plan.
Then found himself down on his luck,
With nobody around who gave a fuck.
Left on the street to beg or die,
Watching with tears,
As people drove by.
How many times have we turned our heads
To the child, the woman, the man
With no bed
I turned around to find that man,
To reach out to him and give him my hand
But it was too late he had already gone,
Leaving me feeling terribly wrong.
How much would it cost me to give him a smile,
Or a burger to help fill his belly a while?
The next time I see that man,
I think that I’ll reach out and give him my hand.
What will you do?
Remember, it could someday be you.

Every day is Father’s day when Remembering Dad

My dad was tall, six foot four
He commanded the room
When he walked in the door

He always had jokes
And a big easy grin
Making friends, for him
Was an easy win

Looking at him
Through my child’s eye
Was like bending my head up To look at the sky

I remember his car
And the music he’d blare
And the feeling of safety
That clung to the air

I remember his hands
So big and so strong
Lifting me gently
Dancing to a song

I remember him
Standing me on top of his feet
As he circled the room
Teaching me to feel the beat

I remember his face
When he’d look down at me
The pride he felt
Was easy to see

My dad taught me love
In its purest form
Unconditional love
From the time I was born

My dad was my hero
My shining knight
The man of my dreams
My source of light

Remembering dad
And wanting to say
I love you and miss you
Happy Fathers Day

The Distance Between us

There’s a distance between us I can’t explain
An emptiness wrought with loneliness and pain
Is it the object of your desire,
The thing that sets your body on fire?
I feel a ghost is in our bed
I feel a presence in your head.

There’s a distance between us I can’t explain
An emptiness wrought with loneliness and pain
From your heart I’m locked away
What holds the key, you will not say.
Although your body is here with me
It’s something else in your eyes I see

There’s a distance between us I can’t explain
An emptiness wrought with loneliness and pain
You won’t let me in, to share in your sin
You hide the demons lurking within
Your body yearns for more than me, but
I can’t fight a ghost I cannot see.

Mural of My Temptation

Within the mural of my temptation
I dance with longing and flirtation
I move my body with gyration
Feeling the musical vibration

Within my lurid imagination
My passion grows with desperation
Thoughts awry with frustration
Knowing no pause or cessation

Is it merely an aberration
This mural wrought with temptation
I cry aloud in citation
“Deliver me from damnation!”

Within the mural of my temptation
I wander through this world’s creation
Enthralled by our encumbering stagnation
Enveloped within my unholy temptation

Why is Jesus the only way to God..?

Why is JESUS the only way to God?

Why IS Jesus the only way to God?

WHY is Jesus the only way to God?

Why is Jesus theONLY way to God?

So if I go to church, sing the songs
Go to confession and tell my wrongs
Profess that God is the only way
Will all be forgiven come judgment day?

So, can I drink all week, bully the meek
Beat my wife, spread rumors of rife
Then beg the lord to spare my life?

Do my beliefs not count?
Is believing in Buddah or Allah a sin in your eyes?
If I’m an agnostic but do good by my fellow man
Will I go to hell, will I be damned?


If I follow my heart to do what’s right
And love all mankind no matter his blight
If I do what I can to lend a helping hand
And spread good cheer throughout the land

My soul will soar as high as yours
We’ll walk through those same golden doors
It doesn’t matter what I believe
As long as I don’t lie and deceive

Maximum Security Juvenile Facility

A maximum security juvenile facility,
Punishment for our youths culpability.
Neglected, rejected, abandoned and abused,
Minds and bodies relentlessly misused.
Control, lost and sought, innocent souls
Sold and bought.
Who should take the blame
For a child filled with shame?
Parents who didn’t do their best or,
Teachers who failed humanity’s test?
A child isn’t born knowing hate,
It’s etched onto their empty slates.
How can they be held accountable,
When the hills they’ve climbed
Have been insurmountable.
For their crimes they’ve been caught,
A life for which they’ve been taught.
Now they’re called a liability
In a maximum security juvenile facility.


“Very soon Satan will leave the spirit world that he has lived in for thousands of years. He will become visible to us and will claim that he is God. The Bible calls him the beast.”

You are known in my father’s holy book
By many names, some of which you took…
And more…
Now you come to make me
Your whore
You come to me, in a seething blaze
Seducing me
With words of praise, Igniting me
with passion
 I should never have known
Spinning tales of your dark throne
Filling me with wisdom I cannot reject
Leaving me wanting only to protect
They call you
“Prince of Darkness”
But, in you I see only your starkness
Your eyes
 they pierce me
With wanton desire
 Me in a quagmire
My mind is
 Weakening under your spell
My desire
 Only to follow you to hell
As your body descends and you enter
My womb…
I feel the swell begin to rise aware this is
The beginning
Of my demise
You’ve invaded
 My matrix
With your unholy seed
And with you,
 I am one
As we create
 A new breed

Conversation with the Serpent

Fate?  What is my fate, but that which you have made for me?
You led me to knowledge through the forbidden tree,
hiding my nakedness, not wanting Him to see.
Seduced by whispered lies, meant to deceive,
blamed and persecuted because I believed.

And you ask what if the decision of fate is reprieved?

My fate is a punishment where all women bleed,
because in the beginning I carried your seed?
Through you, came Cain, all know his name.
With his life came lies, murder and pain.
Because I chose you over everlasting life,
the son which I bore was destined for strife.

And you ask what if the decision of fate is reprieved?

My fate as a woman, the creator of life
Mother to all, forever man’s wife.
Deceived by a serpent created by Him,
sent into Eden as if on a whim.

And you ask what if the decision of fate is reprieved?

Somehow I think I’m beginning to believe,
the Serpent wasn’t the one who deceived.

The Alpha and the Omega

I am suppressed, oppressed, and chained because I am feared
Mortal man cannot accept his impotence, his weakness
Through my blood and my pain I have borne the fruits of man
My womb has given life even to those unworthy of life
My powers have sent men to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows
I have started wars, and I have ended wars
Heaven and hell live within me.
The wise man believes in and worships my divinity
The fool belittles, abuses, ignores and sacrifices me
Believing he has control over me.
The wise man will be given power
The fool will be made to crawl and given death
I was here in the beginning, I am here now
They will hear, they will hear, in the end
They will see that it is I who have unleashed the Serpent